Our work in this area focuses on our commercial and financial skills sets, and is informed by 20 years' worth of experience with the private, public and third sectors. Our areas of expertise are detailed below:

  • Advice in constructing robust business cases to support commercial investment decisions, including cash flow analysis, risk identification and mitigation, pricing, competitive positioning and full cost and benefit analysis. Case study: Forest Research
  • Reviewing, modifying and building 'best practice' Excel spreadsheets that support investment appraisal decisions, profitability analysis and budgetary control objectives. We work to eradicate unnecessary complexity, opaqueness and individualism in spreadsheet design. Case study: The adidas Group
  • One-to-one coaching of senior executives on how to understand financial information to support strategic decision making. Our approach focuses on identifying and understanding the one or two key financial metrics within a business that a CEO should be on top of. Case study: The Economist Group