• #Bond Air Services (BAS)

    Cashability designed and delivered a wide-ranging four-day finance training programme to the senior management team, one-to-one sessions with the CEO, and ongoing consultancy advice on dashboard reporting and the cost of capital.

    Steve Smith, CFO, comments "As the business was growing rapidly, we needed a comprehensive education programme designed to focus our senior team on cash and capital management, and encourage whole company thinking. Ian's input has been vital in helping us move from an entrepreneurial to a management mindset".
  • #LSN

    Cashability is working with LSN on an ongoing basis to educate operational managers in financial awareness and budgetary control, and promote outstanding management reports and dashboard reporting with the finance team.

    Natalie Yunnie, Training Manager, comments "Ian works with us to educate and support both our operational and finance teams during this time of great change for the business. Whether in one-to-one, or small groups, Ian's approach has always been extremely flexible, interactive and bespoke".
  • #Pearson International

    Ian Cornelius has worked with Pearson for a number of years on a variety of financial management, financial awareness, business case and train-the-trainer programmes.

    Chris Locke, Head of Leadership, Learning and Development, comments "Ian has a deep and detailed understanding of our business. Over a number of years he has educated a huge number of our people to understand the financial consequence of their business decisions"
  • #The Economist Group

    Ian Cornelius manages and delivers the finance module on the Global Leadership and Management Programme (GLAM), delivered in London, Frankfurt, New York, Washington and Hong Kong.

    Michael Thomas, HR and Training Director, comments "GLAM is a hugely important part of the development of our senior team worldwide. After running a highly successful and well received Finance for Non-Finance Managers programme, Ian was the obvious choice to lead the finance module"
  • #adidas

    Cashability designed and delivered a highly tailored one-day workshop to the senior managment team of adidas in the UK and Benelux, including the main board and CEO. The workshop focused on the calculation, interpretation and practical use of a new value metric adopted by the group to drive performance.

    Tony Cooke, HR Director, commented "Great, down to earth, guy who manages to translate all theory into sensible practice. He knows the adidas culture and how we operate and has styled the programme accordingly. No lectures or uneccessary slides, just good interactive training - I thought he was brilliant".


Some of the organisations we have worked with:

Bond Air Services
Cabinet Office
Civil Service Learning
Economist Group
Environment Agency
Forestry Commission
Loughborough Business School
Shareholder Executive
Stillman Ventures
Walsall Council